Pepper Network has a separate “Selling” business development department that focuses on getting customers who want to send traffic to Pepper Network. Wholesale Voice Selling services offered by Pepper Network equally suits carriers seeking multiple E1s & DS3 capacity as well as smaller carriers seeking a reliable A – Z wholesale routing partner. We encourage smaller voice players to partner with us to meet all of their wholesale voice traffic needs.

Take a direct route to any destination in the world with Pepper Network. Direct Routes delivers calls worldwide with intelligent network, connecting directly to carriers around the world, offering competitive rates and superior quality calls. You can connect your gateway, gatekeeper based soft switch and interconnecting with Pepper Network system to route over 100 carriers around the world.

We have dedicated Account Managers that work with you religiously to make sure that all of your needs are being met. We have strong internal IT systems that help us manage your account efficiently that keep you up to date on your rates, usage, and payment history round the clock.

Please note that Pepper Network does not “Terminate” traffic in any country. We are a wholesale carrier whereby we “Transit” / “Switch” / “Relay” traffic between different operators for different destinations around the world, and our point of service delivery is UK and Hong Kong regardless of which destination the traffic is destined for. The word “Voice Termination” is generally used synonymously with “Voice Aggregation” or “Voice Transit” Services.

We offer a highly technical NOC engineering staff that is monitoring the entire network on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. Our entire engineering team members are certified engineers and we keep them abreast of all the developments in the voice field. We have the capabilities to troubleshoot problems to the bit/byte level and there is hardly any interconnect that we have not been able to complete. Our name to fame is QUALITY and we make sure that we provide you with the best available network quality there is to offer.

Please contact the Pepper Network Voice Selling team at [email protected] for more information.
Pepper Network has a team of dedicated “Buyers” that are working relentlessly round the clock to find quality routes at good prices. Vendors can take advantage of huge volumes that we gather from our more than 100 interconnects around the globe. We focus on vendors that can offer us the ample capacity, best quality, and market rates. Vendors can take advantage from the brand that we have built in the voice industry, which is reflected by our large number of interconnects. We are very efficient with payments and have a very efficient banking system to help you with your cash flows.

Please contact the Pepper Network Voice Buying team at  [email protected]  for more information.
We offer Reseller 1 Reseller 2 and Reseller 3 Program to meet the specified need of this Domain.

Call Shop Solutions

PC2Phone Services

Call Back Services

Calling Card Services


Complete Call-Shop VoIP solutions for existing and potential VoIP call shop and VoIP internet cafe owners Hosted VoIP software based on own developed soft switch , which terminates VoIP calls at competitive VoIP rates with premium VoIP quality, and can scale to thousands of simultaneous VoIP calls without crashing Pepper Network proudly possess the fact that our VoIP system never crashes during peak days like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, etc.


Pepper Network offer user-friendly VoIP software that will convert your PC into a VoIP phone with the help of a broadband connection. The VoIP software is designed in such a way that it utilizes minimal bandwidth and offers crystal clear voice. Pepper Network have a very seamless VPN solution (optional) that enables you to work in markets where VoIP is blocked. VPN software is installed on your PC in just a few minutes that enables you to keep running your other VoIP providers separately as well.


Pepper Network has engineered a Callback VoIP Service, enabling VoIP users make long distance and international VoIP calls at cost effective rates. This will save VoIP users from spending exorbitant amount on their international VoIP calls. By using Pepper Network  Callback Service, VoIP Service Providers can easily get into this VoIP business without investing a large amount on VoIP infrastructure and VoIP hardware platforms.


We offer VoIP Service Providers with a feature-rich ready to use Prepaid VoIP Calling Card Platform. Calling card business is getting competitive day by day, and we have invested a lot in our VoIP platform that enables you to only focus on the VoIP marketing and VoIP distribution aspect of this VoIP business. Acknowledging the tremendous VoIP opportunity which this VoIP market holds, Pepper Network has designed a service provider-friendly international VoIP calling cards platform.


Pepper Network offer the following Core Voice VoIP routes to our customers where we guarantee the best quality at the best rates in the market We have built close partnerships with our peers in the market so that we can offer seamless VoIP routes to our customers in these regions.

For more please contact us [email protected]