VoIP Termination​​
Pepper Network are available to both wholesale and retail carriers across the world. Regardless of you being an incumbent carrier, mobile operator, IGW operator or Calling-card operator.
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Our Clients​​

Pepper Network is Brand of Pepper Communications , We  has focused on delivering quality services to the VoIP market since its inception, Pepper Network is based in Ireland and having main operations in Ireland, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Our success in this field has resulted in an opportunity to serve more than 100 reliable customers varying from Tier-1 global carriers and VoIP providers..

Pepper Network is a fast progressing Wholesale VoIP Termination provider. Thanks to interconnections with many different world's leading telecommunication carriers and own unique on-line intelligent routing engine it chooses for each incoming call the highest-quality route for the moment. As the result Pepper Network is able to provide the best voice termination service on VoIP market : the cheapest rates available for the really working routes!

We offer our service to all VoIP market members: Wholesale VoIP Termination business, small VoIP service providers, Call Shops etc.

Starting with us is easy and fast. Get an account, configure your equipment, make free of charge tests, make a pre-payment via one of our various payment methods and enjoy our services.  

State of the Art Network

Our Advanced technology allows us to monitor your traffic in 
real time and our impressive automated routing ensures use 
of the best carriers while maximizing highest margins.

Reliability you can count on 

Your phone service is a reflection of your business. It's important. That's why we use redundant servers, routers, Tier 1 Internet connections, and upstream carriers to provide an extremely reliable VoIP service.

Our platform is geographically distributed (patented) in 2 renowned data centers — UK and Hong Kong — to safeguard against a sub optimal event in a single location. 

We also route calls to avoid carrier hops whenever possible for maximum quality. Today, customers connect to us via 600+ unique ISPs and are rarely more than a single hop away.
Interconnect with us to reach globally

Pepper Network is the world's leading VoIP company, with a significant
presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and
the United States.

Here are several ways to contact us




Registered Office:   
Pepper Communications
16 HeatherField , Ballymaw,
Waterfall Co. Cork ,
T12TKP1 , Ireland.
We  have grown the business to transport
millions of minutes of voice traffic per month
and we intend to increase this four-fold over the next several months.

Email: [email protected]
Our sales and support teams are always
on ground to search for best deals, connect
you with the world and tackle your problems through its 24-7 office support team.

​           Email: [email protected]